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Es ist nicht fair, dass man ihm jetzt für das Ausscheiden in der CL verantwortlich macht.

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I hate fandom people who are like “lol sports r dumb” 
You do realize people get the same amount of joy from watching sports as you get from your shows or books or bands and you’re shitting on that and I’m pretty sure you’d shit yourself if someone treated the thing(s) you enjoy that way 

or when they say “but you’re not even playing why do you care”, yeah ok and you weren’t in the fucking hunger games and your punk ass ain’t never been to Hogwarts. shit.

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Man utd are my #1 but dortmund are the overall best looking team, lets be real here! Lol

Haha I agree tbh

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Kabinengespräch - Nuri Sahin [x]

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Marco hugs Lewy :))

140415 DFB-Pokal Semifinal (BVB vs VfL)

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Why do you care so much about Liverpool when you're a Manchester United fan?

I don’t care about Liverpool.

I care about the justice for the 96 campaign and what happened at Hillsborough twenty-five years ago. Because it could have been me, and it could have been someone I knew that died there that day. 

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